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Mari H. Bendorfeanu, ND, CST

Mari Bendorfeanu started her practice in July, 2007. She earned her Doctorate of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health. Subsequently, Mari has graduated The Energetix International College of BioEnergetic Medicine, Atlanta, GA, and The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences, London, ON. Other educational accomplishments include attending conferences discussing Integrated Intervention, Chronic Pathogenicities, and Re-Vitalizing Signaling Pathways.

Naturopathic doctors tailor the healing modality to the needs of the individual with methods which are effective for both chronic and acute problems. Naturopathic doctors cooperate with all branches of medical science, referring individuals to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate.

BioEnergetic practitioners evaluate an individual based on the energetic function of the meridian system. This technology helps to identify energetic imbalances in the body and provides solutions to assist in bringing systems and organs back to optimal health.

Mari is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


Others at Natural Lifestyle & Self-Wellness Clinic assist with the ionic foot baths, booking appointments and helping our clients feel comfortable as best we can.