Aqua Detox

Aqua-DetoxWhat are the benefits of an Aqua Detox Treatment?

The Ionic Foot Bath we use is the Aqua Detox. It is a revolutionary way to detoxify, re-balance and re-energize the body as well as help to re-balance and re-establish the Bio-Energetic Fields of the body. The foot spa contains water, a saline solution and an electromagnetic device called an array.

The Aqua Detox System produces a charge which stimulates the cells within the body. The positive and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use the negative ions to rebalance and release toxins. The most convenient and effective way to release these toxins is through the 4000 pores of the feet, the largest pores of the body.

Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours. Aqua Detox recommends not using the foot bath any more frequently then every 3 days. It is not suitable for those who take anti-seizure medication, those who have had an organ transplant, or are pregnant. If you have a pacemaker, please get the consent of your doctor before receiving an Aqua Detox treatment.